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Seasons greetings from Alan Wake

Once a real member of a real online community, always a member. ADM, whom I know since ye olde days of Max-Payne glory, yesterday evening sent me an e-mail, notifying me of the resurrected BrightFalls.net—plus dipping my nose into the fact, that the Alan-Wake related links in the sidebar of my blog are outdated.

The relaunch of ADM’s site is a perfect up-to-date example of what, among other things, I am always bragging about in the academical realm:

“My” community is the central slice of the online-fanhood gathered around the games “Max Payne” (Remedy Entertainment 2001), “Max Payne 2” (Remedy Entertainment 2003), and the upcoming “Alan Wake” (Remedy Entertainment [when it’s done]). […] Its members are literally scattered all over the globe. […] Quite obviously the community can not be pinpointed to a topographical location within geographical space. Rather the community is constituted within the Internet-infrastructure by the interactions of its members. The single individuals are online for long spans of time on a daily basis and during that time are in contact with the other members via multiple channels. […] Whenever new means of computer-mediated communication (CMC) appear on the scene, they immediately are tried out by the community and quickly get integrated into its interaction-infrastructure. The environment within which the community exists is not formed by one particular service or technology. The Internet itself with its everchanging possibilities is the “natural environment” within which the community’s habitat is situated. […] Above all that my people create, customize, and abandon infrastructure to their needs. They shape and change their online habitat, but stick together as a group. […] So, the community can neither be pinpointed to a geographical location, nor to a conceptual place within the Internet. “My tribe” is nomadizing within cyberspace and can only be grasped in terms of a social body defined by the density and quality of sustained interaction between individuals. (“↵The online nomads of cyberia, 2006″)

In his inaugural entry Welcome back to Bright Falls! ADM has written up the story of the relaunch. To proof my point, in order to preserve valuable field-data, that instead may well vanish, and by sticking to the motto “let cyberia’s emical voices be heard,” I quote it here in full:

Hello gang! We are proud to finally launch BrightFalls.net, the premier news source for Alan Wake and Remedy Entertainment.

We have been hard at work for the past couple of months developing a news site that allows you to interact and comment on the latest Alan Wake news direct from Remedy or the community. Through services like ↑Twitter, ↑Facebook and our ↑inbuilt RSS feed you are able to follow the news no matter where you are via E-mail (Twitter), SMS (Twitter), Web (Facebook/BrightFalls.net) and even Instant Messenger (Twitter)!

Just a little history for all you new folk out there. BrightFalls.net has been around in some form or another since early 2005 where we launched the community site AlanWake.net, the first Alan Wake fansite on the net and what would later become the official community site. AlanWake.net went down at the start of 2006 where it was merged into AlanWake.com and can now be found in the form of the ↑Alan Wake official forums. Since then the news was one area which wasn’t handled very well within the forums and there were a number of attempts to get a dedicated news site up.

BrightFalls.com was one of those attempts, which due to a database corruption prematurely exited the online world. BrightFalls.com no longer is running and for anyone who still has the bookmark for that site please update it to BrightFalls.net.

We tried to recover as much older news as we could and theres even a ↑nice little Christmas present from Remedy which offers you a new screenshot [see above]. We know it’s not much but it’s the best we could do during this media blackout. If you crave some info on the game then may I suggest heading over and checking out our ↑in-depth Alan Wake FAQ where we answer every single question currently known about the game?

So that’s about it. Browse around the site and be sure to comment on the news (don’t need to register but it would be nice, it would also allow you to enter competitions and more features in the future!). If theres something you’d like to see here then feel free to post a reply here.

We hope you like the new replacement for the Alan Wake news forum, BrightFalls.net.

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