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the nine deaths of alex black
Detail of a promotional picture by Looker Lumet for the machinima project The Nine Deaths of Alex Black by Noelani Mahana

Finally the (SLurl:) City of Abaddon—my home—is put to use for what it truly is predestined: machinima making. With permission from Detect Surface writeress Noelani Mahana films “The nine deaths of Alex Black” there, shooting of episode one is said to be completed. I have not talked to Noelani herself yet, but seemingly it all began, when Looker Lumet, who discovered Abaddon in last year’s October, took her there for a photo session. Later a whole set of Alex-Black posters was made. The picture above is a detail from one of the images by Looker. Meanwhile there are moving images, too—Noelani has released a teaser, and two versions of a trailer. The rendition of this story “of a black female assassin kicking some serious ass,” looks very stylish, I like the soundtrack, and the series has a cyberpunk setting:

The year was 2035. The world had been plummeted into chaos, Famine and disease. lawlessness ruled the day and something more foreboding and frightening ruled the night.

Evolution landed one final blow to humanity and survival was in the hands of those who had the guts to fight for it.

Last night I talked to acid, who was the first to tell me about the whole thing, and learned that he was making some inworld special effects for Noelani’s project—so be prepared for visuals of the highest quality possible in Second Life (SL). Until episode one is released, watch the trailers, give some feedback to Noelani at her blog
, discuss the project in the according forum thread at machinima.com, and excitedly expect the things to come.

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