flowchart shaders

Biohazard’s modding tool, the Source Shader Editor, is a WYSIWYG editor, which ‘allows the user to create, compile and implement new shaders easily into a source mod without any preliminary knowledge of HLSL. The shaders are based on nodes which are connected over bridges to finally compose a flowgraph for each, the vertex and pixel shader […].’ It is a fine example of, and argument for the fact that modders not merely tweak games a bit, but sometimes create state-of-the-art tools sliding along the cutting edge of technology. I, and a lot of others, hope that this sooner or later will land Biohazard a job at Valve :-)
    Years ago Grazer mentioned to me his fear that the death of modding was around the corner—due to the ever increasing complexity of game software, the members of the hobbyist scenes may no more be able to cope with. Well, the sociocultural practice of game modding hasn’t died until today. Quite to the contrary, it’s going strong. On the one hand Biohazard’s editor shows what technological heights modders can reach, demonstrating that they are able to cope with the complexity. On the other hand his tool unlocks potentials of the Source engine to other modders, who are not as deep down into it as he is.
    For those who not at all are into this kind of technology: The video is worthwhile watching anyway, I think. its æsthetics and choreography tell quite a bit about how modders envision technology—plus, it has music from the ‘Portal 2’ soundtrack (and maybe even a piece of cake).

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