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  • zephyrin_xirdal Wednesday, 27th July 2011 at 09:07

    Over at my Facebook account—which I almost exclusively use for advertising my blog entries here—BL posted the following comment (I haven’t asked, but I guess it’s ok to repost it here … where it belongs ;-):

    ‘I could imagine there are certain “building guidelines” for sets that are to be sold and not for display only. Aesthetic rules and how sturdy models must be. Maybe models not only have to look recognizable, but very “legoish” also for marketing reasons. Clearly the moc TIE looks more detailed and accurate, but the way the grey pieces on the tip of the wings overlap looks very unLego in my humble noobish eyes…’

    All right, now we’re getting somewhere. Interestingly enough SAS’s comment on the moc TIE/In was the same: ‘Those overlapping pieces at the wingtips, TLG wouldn’t do that in a marketed set—they’d have a custom piece constructed and manufactured, fitting perfectly. The moc Home One in turn looks so perfect that it doesn’t look at all like Lego anymore.’

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