future/tech noir

Quite some water more on my mills which are grinding to construct what I like to call the cyberpunk discourse. The first installment of this construction you can read in my book ‘Cyberanthropology’ [in German], which will be published in August 2011 (and already can be ordered in advance at amazon—did I already mention that?).

AZIZ, JAMALUDDIN BIN. 2005. Future noir. Crimeculture Summer 2005. Electronic document. Available online.
MURPHY, GRAHAM J. AND SHERRYL VINT (Eds.). 2010. Beyond cyberpunk: New critical perspectives. London: Routledge.

Very worthwhile are also the 2003 issues 23(2) Tech Noir and 23(4) Cyberpunk to the Singularity of the journal Ylem: Artists Using Science and Technology.

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