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The closed door of the briefing room in the APR headquarters -- stuck at 73 percent in Far Cry 2
Just a li’l rant in-between, because this is hilarious and I have to let off a bit of steam.
    I played through ‘Far Cry 2‘ (FC2) till 73% of the story mode, and now I am stuck. I have done all missions available, and the game prompts me to reach a briefing point to get a new mission. The only spot marked on the map where I can get a new mission is the headquarters of the ‘Alliance for Popular Resistance’ (APR) in Mosate Selao.
    So I head there, the guy at the door takes away my weapons and ushers me in. Once inside first thing unusual is that no voices are to be heard. Anyway I climb the stairs to the first floor—and find the door to the briefing room closed. No way in. Methinks, all right, I’ve missed something else, go out again and take a new look on the map.
    Now Mike’s Bar at the Marina and the APR-headquarters are flagged on the map as ‘mission available.’ At Mike’s I get a mission from a pal there, do the mission, return to Mike’s, tell the pal, back to APRHQ which is the only spot flagged with an exclamation mark. Briefing room still locked.
    Maybe I have missed a mission in the northern map. Through the desert to Leboa-Sako. The cell towers there are flagged. From those I get two hitman contracts near the Airfield. Having blown away both marks, back through the desert … briefing room still locked.
    So I take a good night’s sleep in one of my huts, hoping that the day-night cycle resets APRHQ. Doesn’t. Shutting down the game completely and restarting the system. To no avail.
    Several forums on teh_Internets wisen me up: It’s a well known bug called the 73% bug. It can get you at 88%, too. And some poor souls I read of were struck at 27%. Although the bug is known since 2008, and although since then the game was patched up to version 1.03, the issue hasn’t been addressed.
    Additional obscenity: There was a wonderful glitch to exploit in FC2. By setting the mortar onto the ground close to a building’s wall and then rotating 180° the player was able to rotate himself through the wall into places where he shouldn’t be. Thing is, with 1.02 the glitch has been patched away—else I could’ve rotated myself into the briefing room. But they left in the real showstopper.
    As it seems I’ve only got three options: 1) Patch down my installation, which is quite a hassle 2) Go back to some saved game and redo parts of the story, but I’ve read that this not necessarily leads to salvation 3) skip FC2 altogether.
    End of rant.
UPDATE 1: Went back to the last savegame at 69%, once more blew up the pipeline and saved a buddy at the mine, then APRHQ was reset. Am at 88% now.
UPDATE 2: Am through, played both endings. Wonderful game—despite the annoying showstopper—am feeling the itch to start over again with another character ;-)

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