The first objects you encounter in Deus Ex: Human Revolution which you can manipulate
My new hardware components will arrive on Thursday, but I couldn’t keep my hands off DX3. So I went back to the beginning of the story, where framerates still are decent, and tried to find a suitable object for KerLeone’s suitcase challenge. I searched David Sarif’s office thoroughly—while he kept on urging me to hurry and go see what the matter was in lab subsection 6—but couldn’t find a single object which was manipulable. In the corner behind David’s desk I saw his suitcase, already packed for our projected trip to D.C., and my hopes went up. But nothing, zero, zilch. The suitcase and all the things in the office are pure decoration, glued in place, not subjected to ingame physics.
    With a sigh I entered the elevator and rode it down to lab 6, where the alert was triggered. Same thing, every object in the corridors is unmovable geometry. The first ‘object’ I encountered which I could pick up was a corpse, the first of the slaughtered scientists I found. Already I prepared myself to drag a corpse through the whole game, like the original Django dragged that dreaded coffin through the whole movie.
    Then I approached the point where I have to circumvent the indestructible—I emptied several magazines into it—glass wall by crawling through an air duct. The duct is blocked by a crate standing atop another one. The first two movable objects I encounter which weren’t formerly alive. Alas, the crates are far too big and won’t fit into the ventilation shaft. Likewise it’s impossible to stuff the corpse into it. I tried.
    The next quarter of an hour or so I entertained myself by collecting all the movable objects I found so far—the result can be seen in the screenshot above. You can drag around the corpses freely (this will make sense later in the game, because it enables you to hide your unconscious or even dead victims, so that you’re not detected by the others) and when you leave them lying alone they stay where you’ve put them. Motionless. As dead people should. But a bizarre zombifying effect occurs when you’re piling the corpses … or put a crate atop of them: Ragdoll physics let’s them twitch and jerk, like they’re trying to get up again.

  • KerLeone Tuesday, 11th October 2011 at 18:38

    We should make the suitcase challenge an official event, held every year for all the new games :-)

    I recently tried something similar on GTA IV with a so called Packer Truck, a car-carrying vehicle. How cool it would be, I thought, to crash with a truck through the city while having the sports car on the back for later use. I really tried hard to get the car on the back of the Packer by parking the truck after a little ramp and jumping with low speed on it with my sports car. But as I moved the truck I loughed really hard. The physics in the game is too simple, it has no friction. This means, when moving the Packer, the sport car on top of it stays exactly where it is and after driving some steps it crashes down behind the truck.

    It’s still hard for us suitcasers :-)

    • zephyrin_xirdal Tuesday, 11th October 2011 at 18:57

      Your idea of making the suitcase challenge an official annual event is hereby fully seconded. One day we shall find a game wherein it is possible. My dream is a game featuring 1) the sandbox freeroaming of Far Cry 2, 2) the object interaction of Half-Life 2, 3) the fully destructible environment of Crysis, and … 4) a free suitcase at the railway station.

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