From left to right: acid Zentih, me (Zephyrin Raymaker) and Detect Surface recently at NONG
It’s been some time since I regularly paid visits to Second Life (SL). This is mainly because two of my best friends—master designers, creative geniusses, and overall great guys acid Zentih and Detect Surface—seemed to have left SL for good.
    Not only did I hang around with them two a lot, but they showed and taught me what SL really can be, and gave me a home there [all the ↑entries on my SL-adventures still haven’t been moved over form the ↑old xirdalium]. But first the City of Abaddon vanished, then The Underground, too [Detect’s Sims]. I was homeless and more or less left as well.
    But now they’re back! The night before last I met them at D’s new Sim ‘NGON’—see above [from left to right: acid Zenith, me (Zephyrin Raymaker) at acid’s DJ-tables and Detect Surface]. In the back you can see some gorgeous new architecture by D, which I only could view after I had switched to Linden’s viewer version 3.0.3 (Firestorm would work, too), because now SL allows the import of genuine 3D-meshes via the XML-based COLLADA. It seems that finally real cgi has come to SL.
    More to come—especially as all the material from the SL-field I gathered over the years simply has to be worked into something anthropological.

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