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This is way overdue. It must have been in the late 1980s or early ’90s that for the first time I saw Marco Tempest perform live. It was at one of those bigger magicians’ conventions in Germany where you can see and meet—if you’re a bit lucky—real top acts. Marco Tempest’s act was top, plus it was completely not off the peg. Brilliant stage magic lacking every standard element. Centerstage there was a big television set, Mr Tempest acted left, right, and behind that set and made flashy colored rubber balls move and jump from the physical part of the stage into, or onto the world of the TV screen and back again, in the most impossible fashions, sometimes right through the screen’s glass surface. So far my impromptu recollection, now without further ado … Marco Tempest:

If you want to see everything in full what he is talking about, or shows partly in this video, please visit Marco Tempest’s official website and/or his YouTube channel The Virtual Magician.

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