Some days ago I bought a book on 3dsmax4—which came with a trial-version of it—and am reading in it since, simultaneously fooling around with the application itself. The book is in German and its subtitle reads “Grundlagen und Praxis der 3D-Visualisierung und -Animation”. The book really features what its title promises. I’m astonished about the complexity and possibilities of professional software like 3ds. If this isn’t capable of producing art, I don’t know what on earth actually is.
    Wook didn’t reply to my last e-mail yet. I’ve sent it on Thursday 16. Yesterday I saw a post of him in the now nuked forums. It showed two screenies of the newest feature he had pulled of with the MPengine: An enemy who is in ‘stealth-mode’, nearly invisible. It looks just beautiful, but I’m not sure yet how to integrate it into the storyline I’m writing for the Lightsaber-TC. But somewhere I’ve read that the Sith actually had developed some cloaking-technology for spacecraft. So the feature Wook has cooked up fits. Furthermore he had written (in the nuked forums) that he for the first time had managed to put a character from 3ds into Max Payne—he meant the cloaked TIE-pilot. It seemed to be quite a hassle to get the vertices assigned in Remedy’s ActorFX.
    Interesting aspects which hit my brain in the last time:—it seems that the builders of professional software implicitly tolerate the use of pirated software in modding-communities and the like. Maybe I can verify this when I do interviews with representants of the software-corporations. My guess is: It’s tolerated because 1) there’s no economic damage done 2) to prosecute this kind of software-piracy would be too much of an act. And the prospects towards a substantial result are not very promising. 3) most important: The next generation of 3D-visualizing-professional already learns the usage of the software. Example: One of the guys out of a modding-community makes it into a career as a 3d-illustrator, modeller, or animator. While modding he already has learned to put 3dsmax to good use. Which program will he be using in his professional career? Additionally: His employers won’t have the hassle to teach him—he already taught himself. Instruction costs substantially decrease. The benefits of ‘open-piracy’. (c;



Catastrophy! The Beavises’n’Buttheads which constitute the staff of MPHQ have nuked all the forums clear! I’m not whining after my postcount (which still was a poor 200 and something), but I’m somewhat shocked about the loss of this big piece of MP-modding-community history. Now I see what a fault it was not to regularly write into this diary as I had envisioned. Now I’ve got to discipline myself and do this diary properly.
On the other hand the incidence was a lesson in how-the-Internet-works. And it even may offer a new chance. All of the registered users of MPHQ have to reregister now. I already did so some moments ago. Now I’m #91 in the memberlist. 94 members so far—before the wipe-clean MPHQ hat some 6600+ registered users which had posted a total of 118.000+ articles (all from my memory). Now I can start-over with my fieldwork as one of the ‘earliest members’ of the MPHQ-community … if that ‘is something’ is more than questionable.
    After having reregistered I immediately ‘beefed up’ my profile and added a signature-image and an avatar [note the faulty compression]. The signature-pic I’ve hosted at Ethno::log, the avatar I uploaded directly to MPHQ.


wookies chat, too

Today I chatted via IRC for the first time since ages. Crazy of Max Payne Area (MPA), a German fanpage, wanted to do an interview with Wook and me on the Lightsaber mod. So Wook and me showed up there, but Crazy didn’t. It was for the first time that the two of us ‘spoke’ to each other in real time—we ‘talked’ for 49mins without idling. Mostly about Lightsaber of course, about MaxEd’s pecularities, and about the problems to keep a modding-team together.


visual jack in

“A half century of artificial-sight research has succeeded. And now this blind man can see,” reports Wired with an impressive, well written story about an american laboratory, which is working with cameras that bring vision directly by cables into the brain of a blind man:

From a few steps closer, I see that the wires plug into Patient Alpha’s head like a pair of headphones plug into a stereo. The actual connection is metallic and circular, like a common washer. So seamless is the integration that the skin appears to simply stop being skin and start being steel.
    “It’s called a percutaneous pedestal,” Dobelle tells me.
    All I can do is stare. The man has computer jacks sunk into both sides of his skull.

As a sidenote, just for the spice, here’s some Neuromancer (from where ‘to jack in’ comes) nostalgia:

The counters that fronted the booths displayed hundreds of slivers of microsoft, angular fragments of colored silicon mounted under oblong transparent bubbles on squares of white card-board. Molly went to the seventh booth along the south wall. Behind the counter a boy with a shaven head stared vacantly into space, a dozen spikes of microsoft protruding from the socket behind his ear. (Gibson 1984: chpt 4)

GIBSON, WILLIAM FORD. 1984. Neuromancer. New York: Penguin.
via entry at ethno::log


Forarea, a bavaria-based, interdisciplinary community of about 200 scientists, concerned with the understanding of ‘other cultures’, has launched a computer game called Xenophilia [=”the liking of the other”]. The game’s aim is to mediate an understanding of people who were socialized in cultures different from the ‘western’ one. Children and teenagers are to be reached by the game’s message. Xenophilia was presented at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair and instantaneously was awarded the Giga-Maus, a german software award. Two versions of Xenophilia are available: One for everyone and one specially designed for the use in schools.


unix history

Not only gamer- or modding-communities are very conscious of the history of technology, but it seems to me that ‘online culture’ in general is—Éric Lévénez maintains a Unix History website, featuring “a simplified diagram of unix history. There are numerous derivative systems not listed in this chart, maybe 10 times more! In the recent past, many electronic companies had their own unix releases. This diagram is only the tip of an iceberg, with a penguin on it ;-).” For your convenience he stores several printable formats of his unix family tree for download … in case you still are searching for an appropriate poster to put on your office’s walls.


bloodshed mod

KiLLeRsEppL. 2002. Bloodshed Mod.

mod-type: gameplay_tweak, fx_tweak
release date: 19 August 2002
release package: Bloodshed_v3.0.zip [9MB]
package contains: Bloodshed Mod v3.0.mpm [13MB] | Bloodshed Readme.txt [4KB]
download: at filefront

accompanying Bloodshed Readme.txt:

Welcome to the Bloodshed Mod Readme


The Bloodshed Mod is the first Mod, which is concentrated on Blood-, Scream- and Deatheffects.
The Mod will also modify some other things, but the main focus is on the blood ;)
When you ask yourself, why I have spend so much time in such a Mod, I can tell you that it was
real fun for me to modify Max Payne with Bloodshed! The normal blood is shit and so Ive startet
creating the Bloodshed.

This modification contains scenes of graphic violence at a much higher level than the orginal
developer (Remedy) indended. Therefore the developers of this modification recommend that persons under the
age of 16 years are not permitted to view the graphic content of this modification.
By running this modification, you agree to these terms and accept to be held entirely responsible for
any damage caused either directly or indirectly through the use of this modification.
Do not play too long on this mod, when you don’t stomach the pictures you can see!

– Max Payne: New Outfit (Matrix), Sunglasses, Long Coat
– Uzi: New Skin, New Sound, Max holds the DualIngrams tilt
– Bullettime: Neverending ;) [CAREFUL: The Shootdodging still needs Bullettime!]
– Menus: New Menupictures, Levelselector, Gamesetmode-changer installed
– Loadingbar: New Bar: Bloody Knife
– New Beretta Sound
– New Reload-sounds
– Matrix Waves when shooting with a gun
– Katana Sword added to the weapons
– Some changes with the letters in the mainmenu

– New bloodtextures on the ground and on glass
– Extremly affecting deathsequence when killing with grenades or with the grenadelauncher
– Higher quality of textures
– The faces of enemies will become bloody when they die
– With the shotgun/DE you can bring down the arms and heads of some enemytypes (Killersuits,Soldiers,SSGangstas)
– With the Katana you can also cut the arms and heads
– New Cameraeffect for the Katanadeath and with extremly affecting sounds

BETA1 : Internat BETA, First effects
BETA2 : Internal BETA, Bugfixes, New Deathskins
BETA3 : Internal BETA, Ingram animation, Deatheffect with Grenades
Version 1.0 : Menus were built, Bullettime fixes, New Sounds in Menu, Bloodtextures, RELEASE
Version 2.0 : Desert Eagle Fix
Version 3.0 : New bloodtextures, Katana Sword & Deathsequence, HIGH VIOLENCE STATUS, New Menupictures, New Bloodpackets, Bullettime Music, Colourchanges, Fixes

When the KungFu v3.0 is came out, I will add the Moves with some modifications ;)
I will see, if I will make one new bloodtexture and a new Shadow for Max

Ive made the cheats a little easier to use for you:

Weapons = All Weapons
Ammo = Infinite Ammo
Bloodbath = God-Mode, All Weapons and Infinite Ammo

If you have a question or problems with the mod, you can send a mail to KiLLeRsEppL[at]web.de
You can ask in English, und auch auf Deutsch ;)

Or try to contact me via ICQ. My ICQ UIN: 113481415



Created a sig[nature] (see above) to gain some more profile at MPHQ—and for fun reasons :o) It cost me like about two hours this noon. But at least now I know a little about how-to-use Photoshop 5.0 LE. KerLone was so friendly to host my sig on his website. Of course I immediately had to post something … and did so in the MPHQ XiaoXiao Forum. Then I realized that, when I up-date my profile, immediately all my posts in the forums (a lame seven until today) update. So my sig is visible on the web now. This fact of the Internet still amazes me. What amazes me, too, is the sheer power of the graphics tools—if I think about how long it would have taken, to generate the sig with my (offline- ;o) airbrush …


dark evil

Coolman01 [aka Tom Faber]. 2002. Dark Evil.

mod-type: gameplay_tweak, weapons_tweak, fx_tweak, skin_tweak
release date: 10 August 2002
release package: DarkEvil.zip [11MB]
package contains: Dark Evil.mpm [19MB] | LiesMich.txt [6KB] | ReadMe.txt [4KB]
download: at filefront

accompanying Readme.txt:

English Version
Dark Evil
Release: 10. August, 2002, 0:00 (GMT +1)

This Mod is free-to-development

Each may develop this Mod like he wants (new Levels, weapons…) and publish.
But these conditions must be kept:
1. The names of the developers of the earlier version(s) must stand in the ReadMe.
2. The current version must always be indicated (1.0, 2.0 …).
3. With the shop of the menu must stand in the picture ” This Mod is free-to-development ” !


A deadly virus broke out of the laboratories from Aesir , which already infected New York completely in shortest time.
But the victims of the virus do not remain dead, them become Zombies and trachten for the living person still their life…

It gives already an anti-virus, but if infecting is past too far, the anti-virus which is one inject itself must also ineffectively.
They are trained speziel for are situations and to have the order the responsible persons for this disaster to find, to eliminate and the infected ones.

Whether you uncover the happening as John Smith, the mysterious FBI agent, pr as Alexandra Dark, the beautiful policewoman, is left to them.


-new Weapons: Crossbow, Magnum, Flare, Chaingun, Flamethrower
-Kung Fu
-new HUD
– 2 playaible Characters:

-Alexandra Dark
Woman, Age: 21, Police Officer
Specialized in Kung Fu.
If one plays it, one can make much more Kung Fu move, one can more highly jump, faster run, and, if one is heavily hurt, heal themselves.
However it cannot well with weapons, and it stands fewer injuries than John Smith.

-John Smith
Male, Age: 27, FBI Agent
Specialized in weapons.
Smith cannot jump very highly and run more a little fast also Kung Fu
can it only few, however he bears more damage and he can better with weapons deal.

-and many many more

Game Modes

Normal Game:
The player must struggle through hordes of Zombies and find the informants of the Viruses.

The player is infected with the virus and has only few minutes before the virus in its body spreads and him kills.
Before the time ran off, one must not have completed the level. It gives none bonus time, if you kill opponents!


This Mod is not compatiabel with old Savegames !
If one with Alexandra Dark plays sees one in some Zwieschensequenzen John Smith.



Tom “Coolman01” Faber
Mod Idea, Coder, few Sounds, few Weapon Skins, Skins, Menu, HUD

Blood Decals

Kenny Young
KungFu Animations

Project X Team

B.K.G. (Hitman)
Crossbow + Skeleton + new Painkiller Model




Dark Evil, and free-to-development is a Idea of Tom “Coolman01” Faber.
The Level and Character Selector is (C) by Tom “Coolman01” Faber.