the new gods

The New GodsHaving returned from the last LAN-party (the Fighternight 6) — where I again was fragged big time. Lucky me that we didn’t play one second of Counter Strike (CS) ;) — I am very much into Quake 3 Arena (Q3A) again. At the LAN someone had a movie of some Q3A grand champion doing incredible jumps, stunts, and tricks. If, following Harold Schechter, the comicbook superheroes are the new gods (Schechter 1980), they meanwhile have evolved into computergame characters. And among this breed there is an absolute upper class, the creme of the Pantheon, if you wish: the hardcore champion players. Imagine that: Your avatar inside the game already can do things, humans are not capable of. Great deal, agreed. But then there is the top of the heap of the players, and by sheer skill they can make the avatars do things unseen before — and of which the average player (I am not a mediocre player, I am a genuinely bad one) can not do and may even never have dreamed of. I wonder if the game-developers have dreamed of the things those guys do inside the worlds they have designed. So I wandered around the net and found an amazing movie-collection at planetquake3. I downloaded some, watched them and am completely stunned. Now I go back to what I should do at the moment: Writing a concept paper for the university.

edit: No concept paper yet, instead I learned how to do the ‘plasma-lift’.

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