the white room

The white room“The White Room is a set of photographic prints resulting from an in-game photo shoot that documents a series of constructed disasters. These interiors were set up by the artist using the videogame Max Payne 2, a ‘Film Noir’ thriller that tells a tale of lost love, deception and betrayal. The shoot took place within the game’s developer mode using the GOD and GETALLWEAPONS cheats and BenDMan’S ‘bloody mod 1.2’. By transforming the game environment into a ready-made urban studio space, the objects and interiors were altered using the in-game weapons with the gore from dead enemies being used to ‘paint’ the sets before being unceremoniously blasted out of view and the scene captured. The events implied never happened in the game, they are not representations of ‘real-life’ crimes nor are they illustrations of fictional crime stories. These are silent witnesses, containers demanding context, they are waiting places.”

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