Sometimes my babbling indeed hits furtile ground, so I had to update my blogroll:

anthronaut [astronauts, argonauts—got it?] is a weblog by “an Anthropology undergraduate student at the LMU Munich. Starting from July 17th 2005, I´ll spend two months working in a warehouse in Istanbul. This weblog is a sort of “field diary” for the length of that stay and maybe longer. I´m going to publish here my working experiences and my reflections about Turkish culture in Istanbul, the one in the enterprise itself and also about Turkish culture and identity in the context of migration.” Hell, I am touched.

Anybody interested in China and anthropology? Rex? Head over to vernant’s blog. Vernant is a former student from ‘my institute‘ who defected to the LSE. Traitor! ;-) That’s the way it is: You nurse them, they grow up, one renders expert opinions on them and gone they are.

Already way overdue to be reported here: Biella Coleman’s weblog ‘sato roams’ roamed to a new address and now is called interprete. All the fine content has roamed along.

If Biella’s deep immersion into hacking by anthropological means has infected you with the virus called cyberanthropology, don’t miss the cyberfield’s strange mélange of English, German, anthropology, and informatics.

Already being at it, consider orange’s sblog and Andrea’s zerzaust, too.

If you’d like to see all the anthropology blog stuff in a compact, comprehensive and digestible format, that is if you want an anthropology newspaper on your screen, go to said test-project by Lorenz.

Not anthro but like the formidable gamersgame one of the better game-related weblogs: gamestay. For the German native-speakers I recommend d-frag—being in the same league of quality as the aforementioned two blogs.

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