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Flush it!

Long before I encountered gamemodding I already had fallen in love with desktopmodding. The better part of which can more accordingly be called -tweaking, as most of this discipline’s alterations do not dig too deep. Instead they scratch the surface, sometimes very effectively, sometimes only on the level of cosmetic surgery. Above you can see the result of my very first attempt at customizing the looks and feel of the graphical interface—replacing the recycling bin by a big white telephone. I keep that toilet bowl since years, through time it migrated to every new machine of mine—though a lot of useful things were lost in these processes—and I still use it today. It may sound a little farfetched, but tweakers’ and modders’ favourite items and topoi are those which socially are declared forbidden, or sacred, which are a no-no—taboos. As the metaphor ‘restroom’ already proofs, toilets belong to said items, but are situated at the soft-gloved end of the ‘socially-sanctionized-things spectrum’. Besides playing with taboos, collecting is another passion of modding- and gaming-culture. So it’s little surprise that someone indeed started to collect screenshots of gamespace-toilets.

In its overview of Max Payne, Wikipedia has aptly put it: “The games’ stylish cinematography and choreography is combined with heavy film noir and pulp fiction influences in characters and dialogue.” In Part I, Chapter Six: “Fear That Gives Men Wings” there even is a citation of Pulp Fiction—one of the movie’s countless memorable moments is restaged … and a toilet is involved. When I—as Max Payne—for the first time entered that on first glance empty apartment and saw the orphaned submachine gun lying on the kitchen’s sideboard I immediately knew that behind the closed door there was a guy, pants down and missing his weapon. And I was right. Allusions, citations, easter eggsthat is cyberculture.

Allow me to add some other toilets not yet in the fine gamespace-toilets collection. TheHunted, top-mapper of New Dawn fame once showed me his rendition of a pissoir in MP1-gamespace.

Toilet by TheHunted

And as stylish like seen below will be the restrooms in the hard-worked on MP2 TC Rogue-Ops. Besides myself being a proud member of the Rogue-Ops team, there are good reasons to check out the website. With the gracious help of ADoomedMarine it has been completely overhauled, now is regularly updated and already features a lot of material on the project.

Area 17 toilet

Staying in style, here is one of the most famous pre-release promotion pictures for Doom3—surprisingly not yet in the collection. The screenshot has a clear message to teach: Be careful when planning to pay a visit to the restroom, as Here There Be Tygers.

Here There Be Tygers

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