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Gmod 8bit Samus

Garry’s mod [Gmod], of which version 9.0 was released just today, is a HL2-mod[ification] which allows you to do uncanny things in HL2. Wikipedia says: “Garry’s Mod (Gmod), a successor to the throne of the original JBMod, is a simple modification created by Garry Newman. While it does not have any actual gameplay value, it functions as a huge sandbox, where the player is free to manipulate most of the objects and features of the Source engine. This has allowed an extensive community to build up and creating mini-games with Gmod, therefore creating a “Game in a Game” of sorts.” For a comprehensive, collaborative, and ever-growing documentation—including the mod’s history—see the official wiki accompanying Gmod. Gmod, which is moddable itself allows artists’ creativity to run wild in the realm of HL2. The entries at the official forums are ample proof of that. The range of artefacts is incredible—everything from 8bit pixelart—e.g. a rendition of Nintendo’s Samus accomplished by stacking colored crates [see above]—to war scences [see below] reminiscent of Apocalypse Now, and beyond. Machinima, gamics, everything. Do at no cost miss the matrix-effect-style rotating views of frozen-in-time scenes in the Bowling in gm_construct thread. But be warned: Those forums are addictive and you can easily spend hours there, wondering at original artefacts.

Gmod Warscene

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