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Title card of 'Gamer br' (Bayeux & Soares 2005)
Gamer br [46:50min | .avi | 147.3MB] by Pedro Bayeux and Flavio Soares:

is a Brazilian documentary about the game scene around here. It gives voice to gamers, producers, lanhouse owners, journalists, psychologists, anthropologists, politicians, government representatives and game enthusiasts about questions as professional gaming, market, ‘addiction’, piracy, policies of incentive, censorship and the so discussed ‘violence’ in games. [my emphasis]

And finally it builds up to a very sensible discussion of ‘the virtual’. All in all I take Gamer br to be a kind of ethnological documentary. Just for the flavor, here are some snippets from the English subtitles:

“I think piracy is harmful, it makes companies lose money … But, if it wasn’t for piracy, we wouldn’t have the game market we have today in Brazil.”
—pablo miyazawa, journalist

“There are many reasons for us not to have a strong game industry in Brazil. The most recent of them is piracy. Well, it’s not a cause of it, it’s actually a consequence, of the absence of a clear policy for content to be cheaper, for it to get to people more easily, for it to be more democratic… So piracy is nothing but one consequence of a strangled market at the mercy of international products that flood into Brazil—and Brazil does not assert itself with an economy of its own.”
—alfredo manevy, ministry of culture representative

“I think some games have very complex narratives, which could also be used as literary theories.”
—hermano vianna, anthropologist

BAYEUX, PEDRO AND FLAVIO SOARES. Gamer br [documenatry film]. Brazil. Available online:
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