history and development of lan groups

SWALWELL, MELANIE. 2004. The history and development of lan groups: An australasian case study. [.pdf | 160KB] Proceedings of the Other Players Conference, Center for Computer Games Research, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark. 6-8 December 2004.

Few research projects have inquired into Lanning, the practice where gamers play multiplayer games with and against each other, usually over purpose built local area networks (LAN), or Lans (the exceptions are Swalwell, 2003; Jansz). Lan gaming is not only an important precursor to newer forms of networked gaming; it is also an evolving form of gaming in its own right. This paper reports on research into the history and development of several Lan gaming groups in Australasia. It addresses the development of Lans and their changes over time, through reporting on conversations with Lan organizers.

LAN, organisation, experimentation, re- and de-territorialization, fun

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