event horizon 2

event Horizon 2

There are always the prophets of doom [pun not intended]—cyberpunk has been declared dead and to be a forgotten relic of the 1980s, Q3A has been labelled accordingly, and trickjumping … now someone even has called a vote at Wikipedia to delete the entry Strafe-jumping, and that in the face of articles like “Strafing Theory” by injx being online. It already went so far that even I sometimes thought that my being concerned with Q3A stuff meanwhile is purely of historical interest. Far from it. Nothing is dead. Just recently Team Event Horizon’s second team tricking movie has been added to the database of planetquake 3. Do not by any chance miss Event Horizon 2 [15:27min | .avi | 453MB]:

Event Horizon 2 is the second Quake 3 Team Trick Jumping video release by Team Event -O- Horizon. The video shows elaborate and creative tricks that are done as a team to accomplish a unique and impressive tricking style. The video was created by ↑Temporal Pictures’s pez and the video features, sp4rky, nebuLa, KiD,fleshwelder, RTB, STASIS, metaXa, Flayzerannyx, Khabbi, fraNk. Team Event Horizon invites you to come and hang out and talk with them about the film on #Tricking_EH on ETG. Visit ↑TeamEventHorizon.com for more info about the team and updated news, as more things are in the crosshairs of Team Event Horizon. All tricks were performed online, so there is some players warping at high speeds :) The begining and few tricks were made with the Camtrace3d tool, while the rest was done with q3mme. The music is about some electro/psytrance/psychedelic/techno badly mixed by sparky and myself, so you’re warned!

Compare it to e.g. The Art of Tricking II [13:57min | .avi | 325MB], and you will see how trickjumping and the according movies have developed. This culture obviously still is going strong. Long live defrag.

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