Yesterday, in meatspace, KerLeone told me about it, now it is official—he has launched a new community weblog called Gutterflower [in German]. Much talk about transgressive gaming, alternate reality games, etc. is flying through academia, and I guess the new weblog constitutes some kind of game which may well fall into these categories. Roughly put the idea goes like this: Take an everyday object and attach an URI pointing to an entry of Gutterflower to it. Then ‘set the object free’, meaning: leave it on a table in a bar for instance. When someone finds the object and picks it up, she hopefully will visit the attached URI and will read the story of the marooned object. The finder, again: hopefully, adds to the log entry the story how she found the object, and then may well ‘set it free’ again. Journey and story will continue … By the way, the first argonaut is already on its way, a blue ballpoint pen.

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