More from robotopia nipponica. The Simroid is a training android for dentists. It is developed at The Nippon Dental University and built by Kokoro [a lot more of weird robot stuff there]. After the first version, called Simuloid and presented in 2007, the new Simroid features a higher level of naturalism (video at DigInfo TV):
    It ‘behaves’ quite like a human patient on a dentist’s torturing chair [‘Brazil’ anyone?], moves, speaks, and reacts—e.g. by simulating gag reflexes, or by expressing discomfort when the doctor accidentally strokes its breasts with the elbow.
    Reminds me of mor gui, and when the Philip K. Dick android went missing in early 2006. It hasn’t reappeared until today, but a new one has been built recently.

simroid via entry at techcrunch
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