gaming and murder

Over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun John Walker insightfully debunks the media’s way of dealing with computer games in connection with Anders Breivik:

It is inevitable that during the trial of Norwegian mass murderer, Anders Breivik, that the matter of videogaming will come up. Soon after the horrendous events I dug into what Breivik had actually said about gaming in his ghastly manifesto, and it was pretty much nothing of relevance. But with the press still not having found the next nasty to leap on, gaming is the scapegoat. It seems reasonable to point out how inaccurate this remains, and how attempting to shift the blame onto things uninvolved only makes it more likely that whatever led to Breivik’s state of mind will not be discovered. But now that Breivik has testified about how important playing WoW was to him, and his peculiar understanding of Modern Warfare 2, it’s all happening again.

It’s absolutely worthwhile to read all of Breivik Testifies About Gaming, Press Ignores The Facts, especially as social anthropologist Thomas Hylland Eriksen, whom I do respect highly, also has made some unfortunate comments concerning Breivik and games—see above video.

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