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As the faithful reader might have noticed, I am, among other things, fond of early science fiction—of course always on the hunt for elements of the cyberpunk discourse, and for entries to my according list, where I strive to furnish downlod links as far as technically and legally possible. Now, in the wake of a recent panel on Victorian and Edwardian science fiction at Chicon 7, over at Wondermark there’s a list of according science fiction with download links. The post also hints us at the fine anthology ‘Science Fiction by Gaslight’ (Moskowitz 1968), and a commenter added the two anthologies ‘Before Armageddon’ (1975) and ‘England Invaded’ (1977), both edited by Michael Moorcock.

MOORCOCK, MICHAEL JOHN (ed.). 1975. Before Armageddon: An anthology of Victorian and Edwardian imaginative fiction published before 1914. London: W. H. Allen.
MOORCOCK, MICHAEL JOHN (ed.). 1977. England invaded: A collection of fantasy fiction. London: W. H. Allen.
MOSKOWITZ, SAM (ed.). 1968. Science fiction by gaslight: A history and anthology of science fiction in the popular magazines, 1891-1911. Cleveland: World Pub. Co.
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  • Sam Grace Friday, 21st September 2012 at 02:29

    Hmm, added to the old goodreads list. Not that it’s directly relevant, but you might find some recs of interest in one of my sf/f recs for anthropologists posts:

    • zephyrin_xirdal Friday, 21st September 2012 at 12:53

      Nice of you to drop by, Sam, and thanks for the link to your blogpost. I checked it out, and—honestly—I never thought about an sf/fantasy reading list for linguistic anthropologists in particular. But it’s definitely an idea, maybe even for a class.

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