digital cybernator prophet

The infamous ↑Troma Entertainment, Inc. (‘almost 40 years of reel independence’) has uploaded a ton of full-length feature movies to ↑its YouTube channel. Among those are the glorious cyberpunkish b-pictures ‘↓Digital Prophet‘ (Romero 1996), ‘↓Cybernator‘ (Rundle 1991), and ‘↓New Gladiators‘ (Fulci 1984). But there’s also e.g. the horror classic ‘↓White Zombie‘ (Halperin 1932), starring Bela Lugosi. And much, much more … FULCI, LUCIO. 1984. The new gladiators [motion picture]. Rome: Regency Productions. HALPERIN, VICTOR. 1932. White zombie [motion picture]. Los Angeles: United Artists. ROMERO, CHRISTOPHER. 1996. Cyberstalker (aka The digital prophet) [motion picture]. Long Island City: Troma Entertainment. RUNDLE, ROBERT. … Continue reading