digital cybernator prophet

The infamous Troma Entertainment, Inc. (‘almost 40 years of reel independence’) has uploaded a ton of full-length feature movies to its YouTube channel. Among those are the glorious cyberpunkish b-pictures Digital Prophet (Romero 1996), Cybernator (Rundle 1991), and New Gladiators (Fulci 1984). But there’s also e.g. the horror classic White Zombie (Halperin 1932), starring Bela Lugosi. And much, much more …

FULCI, LUCIO. 1984. The new gladiators [motion picture]. Rome: Regency Productions.
HALPERIN, VICTOR. 1932. White zombie [motion picture]. Los Angeles: United Artists.
ROMERO, CHRISTOPHER. 1996. Cyberstalker (aka The digital prophet) [motion picture]. Long Island City: Troma Entertainment.
RUNDLE, ROBERT. 1991. Cybernator [motion picture]. Long Island City: Troma Entertainment.
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