Day: January 17, 2006

  • cellular inconveniences

      “I’m not a cell phone guy. I resisted getting one at all for years, and even now I rarely carry it. &uarr,[…]“—well, ↑John, I guess we’re in the same league now ;-) With the exception that I am carrying it all the time. ↵Keitai at its best. During the last months the need for…

  • how games ought to be … ?

    Those are all from last year, but very worthwhile:  LONG, DAVID. 2005. ↑LongShot #86: Graphics Don’t Matter. ↑GamerDad. PHELPS, ANDREW. 2005. ↑Graphics Don’t Matter (and other assertions). ↑Got Game?. WONG, DAVID AND HAIMOIMOI. 2005.↑A gamers manifesto. ↑pointless waste of time.

  • teaching computergames and online-community

    My job here at the university forces me to teach at least two courses every term. Here’s what I am going to publicly babble about during the upcoming summer-term (24 April to 29 July 2006):  computergames With contemporary sociocultural anthropology’s opening-up towards modernity commodities, their consumption, appropriation, and meaning in diverse cultural milieus and contexts…