teh_lamerer’s config

  After the somewhat cruel experience concerning my performance in ↵Q3A during ↵the last LAN-party I attended, I now have started to take measures—the ↑Fighternight 8 is approaching—again ↵at Wolfenstein! As I do not get to grips with DigitalHawk’s config [tnx nevertheless], which is a modified version of Dante’s config, I finally built my very own one from scratch. ↑Maxx Blade’s Q3A Config Engine v1.4 and planetquake3.net’s ↑glossary of command line variables were of invaluable help. Just to match the whole situation I changed my nickname inside the config from “zeph” to “Teh_Lamerer”. Anyway, here’s ↵Teh_Lamerer’s q3config [.cfg | 10KB]. … Continue reading