teh_lamerer’s config

The Camping Grounds

After the somewhat cruel experience concerning my performance in Q3A during the last LAN-party I attended, I now have started to take measures—the Fighternight 8 is approaching—again at Wolfenstein! As I do not get to grips with DigitalHawk’s config [tnx nevertheless], which is a modified version of Dante’s config, I finally built my very own one from scratch. Maxx Blade’s Q3A Config Engine v1.4 and planetquake3.net’s glossary of command line variables were of invaluable help. Just to match the whole situation I changed my nickname inside the config from “zeph” to “Teh_Lamerer”. Anyway, here’s Teh_Lamerer’s q3config [.cfg | 10KB]. Among a load of other things the config makes Q3A-gamespace look like depicted above.

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