anthropology’s fate?

Montgomery McFate’s article “Anthropology and counterinsurgency” re-triggered quite some debate within anthropology. See e.g. Dustin Wax’s entry at Savage Minds and the appending discussion [references below]. Now McFate has re-surfaced and last monday spoke at the Women in International Security Conference. UPI Correspondent Lucy Stallworthy has written an article on that, called Experts apply anthropology to Iraq. Here’s a snippet:

[…] Montgomery McFate, a research staff member at the Institute for Defense Analyses, argued for an increased understanding of the tribal nature of Iraqi society. She suggested this would benefit the U.S. forces by enabling them to adapt to the enemy.


Anthropology and counterinsurgency:
The strange story of their curious relationship
Combined Arms Center Military Review
March-April 2005: 24-38.
Available online [.pdf | 1.1 MB]:
WAX, DUSTIN. 2005.
Anthropologists as counter-insurgents.
Savage Minds,
19 May 2005. Electronic Document. Available online:

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