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Call it vanity, utilitarian pragmatism, idealism, or anything in-between—the full spectrum is ready to be used for your judgement. Via the Anthropological fields and subfields section of Wikipedia’s article on anthropology I stumbled over the article Cyber anthropology, which then only consisted of one sentence: “Cyber Anthropology is supposedly a field of Anthropology dealing primarily with computers in human society.”—but the article already had a horrific history of revisions and changes. Once it read: “Cyber Anthropology is different from the other fields of Anthropology because it has to do with the finding and searching of information using computers, rather than digging in the dirt.” Not surprisingly I thought “… wtf?”, shifted gears and sprang to action. So the current content of Wikipedia’s article Cyber anthropology is by Yours Truly.

Yes, I am perfectly aware that there is a lot of discussion about Wikipedia at the moment, but—slap me around a bit with a large trout for that—I still am an ardent believer in Wikipedia. Yes, I am aware of Wikipedia’s drawbacks and developed a stance towards them. Nevertheless, after I learned that even my boss hacks around inside Wikipedia, correcting anthropological issues, I became convinced that it was time to engage myself, too [vanity?]. Accordingly I created an account, embraced Wikipedia’s five pillars, started to assimilate Wiki markup, and created the current version of Cyber anthropology.

The anthropology-peers and -elders around me contribute to a range of encyclopedias like the Britannica, Meyers, Brockhaus, and even the MS Encarta [shiver me timbers ;-]—I never did so [truth is, nobody asked me yet ;-]. But now I have started to really contribute to Wikipedia [not only adding an easter egg to the ↑Pure Pwnage entry, as I did before], and I have to confess: I am somewhat proud of that [vanity!]. I will expand the Cyber anthropology entry to a real and comprehensive entry, especially respecting pillars 1 and 2. It will grow parallel to my chapter cyberanthropology wherein I can go beyond the pillars.

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