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The motto of the 9th Annual Independent Games Festival—which will take place 06-09 March 2007 in San Francisco, California—reads: “Rewarding innovation in independent games.” Quite naturally there is a mod competition as well. Forget the Oscars and hold your breath: Among the 35 top-quality entries you will find two Max-Payne-2 mods! The world doesn’t entirely consist of “Doom 3”, “Half-Life 2”, and multiplayer-galore at large—just to those who won’t listen to me. Ladies and Gentlemen, here they are [in alphabetical order]:

7th Serpent

7th Serpent: Crossfire is the opening chapter of the 7th Serpent series. The game pits you as a genetically engineered corporate operative on a crusade to avenge his own makers. Featuring highly stylized single-player action on the same vein as the Max Payne games, the Mod delivers dangerously intense combat in near-futuristic urban environments interspersed with exciting cinematic cutscenes. High production values that include a full orchestral soundtrack and a brand new graphic novel round off what is a very unique Mod offering. [The story of the 7th Serpent reaches far back into ye olde times and heydays of modding the original Max Payne. Once I even was asked to join the team … *sigh*]

Hall of Mirrors

Hall of Mirrors: The modification is loosely based on the movie “Equilibrium” with the main focus of the work being based upon implementing a new combat system, the “Gun Kata”, allowing the player to take on several adversaries at the same time with dual weapons and gun them down in unison. [see ↵equilibrium]

The finalists—the mods that will be shown at the festival, that is—will be announced on 18 December 2006.

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