dawn of the dead

Dawn of the Dead

Within the gaming and modding community at large there are not only fans of John Romero, but also of George A. Romero. [Never mix up the two Romeros, nor the ↵two Johns.] Remember the seminal 1968 black and white horror movie classic Night of the Living Dead? Or some of its sequels, like the 1978 Dawn of the Dead? No? Gosh, where have you been raised? In a world, where There’s Always Vanilla? But for sure you already heard that punch line When hell is full, the Dead will walk the Earth. Ah yes, bingo, it’s about Zombies, the Undead, the Wiedergänger, about Them who will come back. “They never come back” simply ain’t true—the immortal Muhammad Ali was three times champion of the world. And with Slipgate Ironworks [What a great name for a game company]John Romero has his fourth company ;-) Game engines do come back as well. Believe it or not, there’s still a Max-Payne-1 total conversion in the making and it’s going strong. Dawn of the Dead strives to faithfully [And, believe me, there’s a lot of faith needed when dealing with the Undead] recreate Romero’s 1978 flic as an interactive experience. See its overview & progress, or—even better—its news & features page at modDB.

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