• klandestino Saturday, 5th November 2011 at 01:39

    haha. great! I was asking myself if you would post something about ‘Guy’s fifth of november’…
    Following the media, there are three targets…two of them you already mentioned: Facebook & the “Los Zeta” drug cartel, but also Fox News because of their polarizing news..
    As it seems,Los Zeta freed the Anonymous-member!! So this is quite an astonishing occurence to me, to be honest, because the gang seems to be very well equipped with arms and technique. I don’t know if this was the first time, but if not, it would also be the first time, Anonymous defies against a real criminal organization (Visa e.g. is first of all not a criminal organization to me, but a transnational one. You know what I mean ;) ). This is why a few members abandonned the campaign (risk of a bloody vendetta..wordplay ;) ).
    But what I’m really curious about is the campaign against facebook!
    What interesting days we life in…

  • klandestino Saturday, 5th November 2011 at 11:23

    Some Info about Los Zeta

    And following @anonops we have to expect something in 3 hours from now on…

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