“Remember, remember … the fifth of November!”
OWS Guy Fawkes Bandanna designed by Matthew Borgatti
Well, well, the fifth of November just broke, and I’m curious what’s going to happen. If Guy Fawkes, respectively Alan Moore‘s “V for Vendetta,” and its movie adaptation of the same name, on the symbolic level really is of such importance to the #OWS movement [see occupy guy and guy headroom], then we should expect some occupation today. Above that Anonymous has announced actions against Facebook and against a mexican drug cartell—that is, if Anonymous indeed announced all of that, and not some hoaxsters. Anyway, it’s the fifth, it’s Guy Fawkes’ day. If you’re tired of having to carry the plastic version of Fawkes’ mug around all day, now there’s an alternative. Matthew Borgatti has designed an OWS Guy Fawkes bandanna, printed on demand: “For every bandana ordered one will be sent to one of the Occupy branches worldwide. Double your effect and increase the anonymity!”

OWS bandana via entry at boingboing






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  1. klandestino Avatar

    haha. great! I was asking myself if you would post something about ‘Guy’s fifth of november’…
    Following the media, there are three targets…two of them you already mentioned: Facebook & the “Los Zeta” drug cartel, but also Fox News because of their polarizing news..
    As it seems,Los Zeta freed the Anonymous-member!! So this is quite an astonishing occurence to me, to be honest, because the gang seems to be very well equipped with arms and technique. I don’t know if this was the first time, but if not, it would also be the first time, Anonymous defies against a real criminal organization (Visa e.g. is first of all not a criminal organization to me, but a transnational one. You know what I mean ;) ). This is why a few members abandonned the campaign (risk of a bloody vendetta..wordplay ;) ).
    But what I’m really curious about is the campaign against facebook!
    What interesting days we life in…

  2. klandestino Avatar

    Some Info about Los Zeta

    And following @anonops we have to expect something in 3 hours from now on…

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