fps_doug vs. f4tality

fps_doug vs. f4tality
I already mused about Wikipedia as emic knowledge—now I have to contribute a tidbit myself: In Pure Pwnage‘s Episode 8 “Lanageddon” I just discovered an easter egg which is not yet listed in the easter-egg section of Wikipedia’s entry Pure Pwnage. During FPS_Doug’s fragging spree at the CS:S tournament we see him defeating a row of opponents. At 12:05min we can see whom he defeated, too: world’s greatest himself! Well, not exactly, as Jonathan Wendel‘s famous nickname is spelled “Fatal1ty”, and on Doug’s screen we read “f4tality”. Not the “i”, but the “a” is replaced according to the common transliterations in leetspeak. That way no intellectual-property war can arise, I guess. But to the audience “in-the-know” it is unmistakingly made clear how much Doug pwnz.

Btw—Tom’s Hardware Guide carries an article on Pure Pwnage.

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