perfect imperfect

Well, Jan Chipchase‘s twin weblogs future perfect (work) and present imperfect (play) aren’t a chaotic information’n’media dumpster like cyberpunk-luminary Bruce Sterling’s weblog is, but I didn’t really get their gist yet, though. Nevertheless the blogs mediate the ambience and feeling of a distinctively different perspective upon technology and its appropriation in Asia. Beware: picture heavy.

about future perfect:

Future Perfect is about the collision of people, society and technology, drawing on issues related to the user research that I conduct on behalf of my employer—Nokia. ↑[…]

about present imperfect:

Present Imperfect is a real web site detailing the lives of fictional people doing fictional things in fictional places, at fictional times. You’re inability to distinguish between carefully staged (yet subtly rubbish looking) photos and what has actually occurred is something between you and your therapist/parole officer/imaginary friend. Go figure. Enjoy.

via offline hint from fab—tnx

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